About Burzcast
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About Burzcast

We're a technology consulting firm known for innovative software solutions and excellent service delivery. Since our inception, we've been a force for change in our industry.

Our areas of expertise encompass software development, iOS/iPadOS apps, web design, web application development, and cyber security.

Our relationships with partners and customers are at the core of our journey.

At Burzcast, we epitomize innovation in remote collaboration, unifying a diverse collective of software experts, designers, and new media artists. Our pioneering endeavors have revolutionized industries, from deploying software in space to refining production management and securing timely product deliveries.

We actively enhance daily life, advancing water purity and food safety and championing eco-friendly, safer work environments. In healthcare, our pivotal contributions have saved lives and profoundly improved medical training quality.

Our global impact is significant, aiding businesses in over 12 countries with intricate software challenges, transcending mere business pursuits.

We assist the construction, architecture, and real estate sectors with superior, tailor-made software solutions, navigating complex market forces.

Having delivered over 300 custom software products, we empower industries to predict weather, interconnect devices, decipher consumer patterns, and bolster knowledge sharing.

At Burzcast, we celebrate and amplify our clients' stories, contributing to their growth and success. Our strength lies in our diversity — diverse minds, cultures, and backgrounds converge here, revealing that exceptional talent thrives in every corner of the globe. This philosophy shapes and enriches our inclusive products, as each unique perspective and experience infuses our creations.

Global Prestige and Trust: Burzcast's Business Excellence

Renowned internationally, Burzcast takes immense pride in being the preferred partner of hundreds of esteemed clients across more than twelve nations. Our credibility reflects our relentless pursuit of superior business solutions, affirming our stature in the global digital solutions and services arena.

Our Renowned Expertise
years of prowess
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Embracing Discretion

Our Commitment to Client Confidentiality

At Burzcast, we are ardently committed to safeguarding and respecting the privacy of our esteemed clients, their ideas, and their endeavors. Our commitment to non-disclosure underpins our policy to neither publicize the identity of our clients nor feature their unique projects in our portfolio, thus upholding the ethos of trust and discretion that characterizes our luxurious and premium service. This policy also caters to our extensive outsourcing activities and serves as a testament to our readiness to enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), further fortifying our assurance of strict confidentiality.


Discover Cluj-Napoca: Europe's Pinnacle of Excellence

Nestled within the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca radiates a blend of historic European charm and cutting-edge technological prowess. Often likened to the Silicon Valley of the world, this city is an emblem of grandeur and sophistication in South-Eastern Europe. With Romania boasting one of the planet's swiftest internet connections, Cluj-Napoca becomes a crucible where tradition meets modernity, offering a luxurious yet efficient business landscape.

  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Rich Cultural Tapestry
  • Academic Prestige
  • Unmatched Quality of Life

Partner with Burzcast: Where Luxury Meets Efficacy

In founding Burzcast, our gaze was set on Cluj-Napoca - not out of coincidence, but strategic intent. We aspired for a location that exemplified technological advancement, cost-effectiveness, and cultural richness, all wrapped in a veneer of luxury. With its dynamic tech environment and prime European position, Cluj-Napoca emerged as the paramount choice. For anyone considering elite outsourcing solutions, there's no locale more promising and rewarding.

  • Elite IT Echelons
  • Impeccable Value Proposition
  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  • Central European Elegance

Embark on an extraordinary journey with us!

Seize the moment to forge an elite partnership with us, as together we navigating the frontier of your company's digital evolution.

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