Burzcast is your destination for premium B2B and B2C applications designed for Apple devices.
We orchestrate seamless digital experiences optimized for your users anywhere, anytime.
Beyond crafting native and hybrid apps, we're experts in creating mobile-optimized websites and web apps.
We fully harness the power of server and cloud technologies.
Our expertise extends to creating native applications using Swift, catering to various Apple operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.
Dedicated to delivering efficient and innovative solutions, we also have proficiency in Objective-C to cater to your specific needs.
Hybrid apps at Burzcast are crafted by combining the best native and web solutions.
Operating within a native container, these applications utilize the device's browser engine to render HTML locally and process JavaScript.
We're your ideal partner if your organization is seeking a hybrid app crafted with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
With the support of a robust cloud or on-premise backend, we're prepared to deliver.
At Burzcast, our capabilities reach far beyond traditional offerings.
We offer a diverse range, from enterprise solutions and bespoke applications to public apps.
Additionally, we craft interactive mobile experiences like games and e-learning products.
All are designed to captivate and resonate with users.
Choose Burzcast for end-to-end service that exemplifies our commitment to excellence.
From concept to deployment, we are your collaborative partner in creating your vision, utilizing the best-in-class technologies such as Swift/Swift UI and .NET.