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The Power of Mobile Devices

It's hard not to notice the power of today's mobile terminals. We use these devices every day, yet many of us don't even realize the true potential hidden inside this small devices.

It's hard not to notice the power of today's mobile terminals. We use these devices every day, yet many of us don't even realize the true potential hidden inside this small devices.
In a discussion I had with a good friend, I asked her about how many people she knows that use 3rd Generation (shortly 3G) video conference, or at least how many people she knows that actually use their mobile device to navigate the Internet. She knows me. ;-) Yes, I like to use the Internet on my Pocket PC intensively for Instant Messenger (such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Yahoo! Messenger, using Palringo and Fring -- both quality Instant Messenger clients), e-mail, reading news using RSS feeds, both for pleasure/fun and for keeping in touch with our clients from anywhere, at anytime. All I need is a GSM carrier (I use Orange) and my mobile device. From there I am limited basically, only by my imagination. I can rent cars on-line, I can shop on-line, I can navigate the Internet, read the news or ask for information via e-mail at 12 o'clock in the night if I want to and I'm more than sure that at that hour no one will be pleased to answer to my telephone call. Yet I have to admit, the costs for my on-line fun and business aren't small, Orange invoices me based on megabytes of traffic.
At Dev-Vision we started developing software and web solutions for mobile devices for some time now, as our web site's Mobile Devices Development Services section describes.

Why would I need a mobile website for my business?

The reasons are many, but I will only enumerate a few:
  • You can provide quality content directly to their mobile device - Keeping in mind that many business people go into trips worldwide with no laptop at all, it's easier to provide them the content they are interested in, literally into the palm of their hand.
  • You can provide your services on-line - Imagine I just arrived in some foreign city or even country. I want to rent a car but I don't have a laptop with me, yet I have my cellular telephone (which I always have with me). Now I have a few options: I can call a rent-a-car company, which phone number I don't know, I can reserve a car from the nearest Internet Café, I could have rented a car when I left or I can do a Google search for "rent-a-car" and I can pick a company I like, the car I like (keeping in mind that I don't know all car producers or models) and I can have all the details explained to me by the website and not by some annoyed call-center person. Which option do you prefer?
  • You can offer your catalog or portfolio of products - Even a computer shop can offer their catalog of products on-line for someone interested in buying their products. A real-estate agency can provide a list with their offer on-line, along with the price and the way to contact a real-estate agent for more information (via a mobile device, evidently).
  • You can offer unlimited support to anyone - Your support employees can have their mobile devices with them, answering support requests, from anywhere, without the boring need of staying in an office all day long.
  • You can have all your needed solutions into your pocket - We can develop the applications you need, both for your PC/laptop and for your mobile device so you don't need to be in front of a computer to do your work. Enjoy working from outside the office, maybe even at a coffee.
And you know what's great? Because (almost) everything happens on the server, you may have huge databases working in background, while you don't even know what king of "magic" is being done providing you such powerful solutions. Did I mentioned the fact that you can keep in touch with all your prospects, clients and loved ones from anywhere (and not by telephone)?
We would like to see your comments on how, using a mobile web application, your mobile device helped you.

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