Featured in the Business Adviser printed magazine, the article stresses the criticality of consistent marketing, even in economic downturns. Drawing parallels with other advertisements, it underscores the risk of diminishing brand visibility. The key message? In challenging times, proactive marketing is indispensable to business survival and growth.

In the contemporary business landscape, it's pivotal for businesses, ranging from large corporations to corner stores, to resist the urge to cut corners financially, mainly when influenced by negative headlines such as "The crisis will last until next year" or "The end of the crisis is uncertain."

Let's maintain a level-headed approach. Our country has faced crises since the Second World War, but that hasn't stopped people from thinking constructively. Even though we might sometimes feel stuck in a poorly-executed democracy leaning towards anarchy, that shouldn't obstruct logical thought. But, unfortunately, sometimes it does.

Regrettably, many business professionals and entrepreneurs have cut back on advertising budgets, claiming there's no more funding available for such expenses. "Our customers will remember us," they argue, while others firmly believe, "We have enough customers to get us through the crisis." Don't be deceived! Customers that feel neglected won't remain loyal. Aren't customer loyalty and retention critical for your business?

Remember the cigarette advertisements? Broadcast during the "Dallas" television series brought to TVR in 1990 through a barter agreement, those adverts almost invited viewers to enjoy those, presenting it as the choice of those living the high life. It made even non-smokers take notice of those smoking cigarettes.

I reference a brand because many companies that refuse to invest in advertising suffer a similar fate. The adage, "Out of sight, out of mind," holds. Customers will gravitate toward your competitors if you don't maintain visibility.

How much do you value your customers, business, and yourself if you allow them to drift to competitors simply because you've become invisible? Are you aware that 85% of companies fail? Do you want to be part of that statistic?

If you lack funds for advertising, consider reallocating from unnecessary expenses. Pause expansion plans until the crisis subsides. Suppose you've cut all possible corners and still need an advertising budget. In that case, you need to understand the power of advertising and marketing, or you're not genuinely invested in growing your business. Or, it's best to let someone else take the reins. Sounds harsh? It merely reflects the potential revenue loss from not investing, especially now.

Why do major, renowned companies invest in advertising?

  1. Because they have money to burn?
  2. For self-admiration and to proudly point out their ads to friends?
  3. Because they have a strategic marketing plan that's consistently built their reputation?

If you answered 3, you're right on the mark! We understand that times are tough, but as you strive to thrive in these conditions, so do we. As a result, many have adjusted their offerings to suit reduced budgets.

Did you notice the discounts offered by major retailers or travel agencies?

If you're keen on investing in marketing, especially when it's crucial, contact us for a comprehensive business analysis and quality online marketing. We'll delve deeper into online marketing in an upcoming article.

Act now. Any marketing effort will yield noticeable results. If one strategy doesn't work as hoped, pivot and try another. There's always a right time or business size to promote yourself.

Best wishes.

Article by Mr. Razvan Burz

(published )

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