Together, Microsoft and Skype strive to innovate and enhance global communications. This partnership promises to bring together the best of both worlds, integrating Skype into Microsoft's existing platforms while broadening the horizons for users worldwide. As the future unfolds, this alliance is anticipated to redefine collaboration for businesses and individuals alike.

Historically, Microsoft had expressed interest in the Silk codec, aiming to incorporate it into platforms such as the Office Live Communicator and Office Live Meeting.

Furthermore, there was an apparent inclination towards its integration with Lync, a product I endorse, given its presence on both my desktop and laptop through our company's commendable Office 365 E3 subscription.

The eventual amalgamation of Skype with Microsoft led to the transformation of the standalone entity "Skype Limited" into the "Skype Division" under Microsoft, steered by Mr. Tony Bates.

A New Chapter for Skype

Upon visiting the platform, one is greeted with a noteworthy statement:

"Together, Microsoft and Skype aim to bridge more connections, ushering in innovative technological experiences for friends, families, and professionals across the globe."

The alliance between the companies undeniably provides Microsoft access to Skype's vast user base. It's foreseeable that Microsoft will soon integrate Skype into its existing VoIP framework, encompassing platforms like Lync and Windows Live Messenger, and potentially expanding to other services.

This acquisition also extends Microsoft's reach into Facebook, noting that Facebook employs Skype for video communication and Bing for search functionalities.

Prospects Ahead

While I cannot predict the future, I resonate with Mr. Tony Bates' sentiments from the video above interview. Microsoft anticipated maintaining support across various devices and operating systems.

As an occasional Linux user, I am optimistic about the seamless functionality of future Microsoft Skype versions on Linux platforms. However, my primary aspiration lies in integrating Skype with Windows Phone Mango and Lync Online within Office 365.

Such an integration revolutionizes business collaboration, presenting a golden opportunity for Microsoft to elevate its offerings further.

Only time will unravel the full scope of this partnership.

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Article by Mr. Razvan Burz

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