I faced an installation error while trying Microsoft's Expression Web version 2 (-2147024873). Rooted in Office file validations, the solution required repairing the Office setup and adjusting system folders. This highlights the intricacies of integrating new software into existing systems.

I recently explored Microsoft's latest offering, Expression Web version 2, which is an invaluable tool for global web developers. I'm no stranger to Microsoft's web development software, having used the predecessor, Expression Web Designer. It's noteworthy that after discontinuing FrontPage from the Office suite, Microsoft integrated its robust engine into the first version of Expression Web, making necessary enhancements.

The promotional videos on the official website suggest that this product possesses a slew of features, many of which are already available in Adobe's Dreamweaver CS3. If the experience aligns with these presentations, I'll consider incorporating this product into our toolkit.

However, I encountered an issue during my initial installation. While attempting to install the trial version of Microsoft Expression Web 2, I faced an error, specifically: 

"Installation of the 'Microsoft Expression Web 2' product has reported the following error: -2147024873."

Despite multiple installation attempts and even modifying various services, the error persisted. 

Upon researching the error code 2147024873, I deduced that it originated from Office files, signifying a "CRC checksum error." This typically arises when the installer attempts to validate specific cached Office files. If any files are absent from the cache folder, they will likely not have an accurate CRC.

Reflecting upon my past experiences, I recalled a similar conflict during the installation of Expression Web Designer, rooted in the Office setup.

The solution? If the installation indicates issues with files in the C:\MSOCache folder (as evident from the setup log), placing the necessary folders and files within it is advisable. I managed to rectify the issue by repairing the Office installation using the original CD. Once repaired, the files were appropriately placed in C:\MSOCache, and the Microsoft Expression Web 2 installation proceeded without a hitch. My next step is to evaluate the product over a 30-day trial before finalizing the purchase.

For those encountering the 2147024873 error during the Microsoft Expression Web 2 installation, here's a summarized solution:

  1. Delete the C:\MSOCache folder.
  2. Clear all files and folders from Temp (use shortcut WinKey + R, type "%temp%", press ENTER, select all items, and delete).
  3. Repair the Office installation using the original disk. If the repair process is unsuccessful, modify the installation (perhaps by adding and removing an Office component) and attempt the repair again.
  4. Reboot if prompted.
  5. Initiate the Microsoft Expression Web 2 installation.

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Article by Mr. Razvan Burz

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