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Mr. Razvan Burz is not just a software developer; he's a multi-faceted tech virtuoso with over 25 years of hands-on experience in the industry. As the founder and owner of Burzcast SRL, the renowned software studio and consultancy agency based in Cluj-Napoca, Mr. Burz has been the driving force behind innovative solutions for clients across more than 12 countries and multiple industries.

Mr. Burz's area of expertise spans from the Internet of Things (IoT) and web design to app development, showcasing a breadth of knowledge that makes him a master in his field. His ability to "speak the language of robots," akin to the idea promoted by Naval Ravikant, allows him to command bits and bytes precisely across diverse platforms.

But Mr. Burz's influence doesn't end with code. He's also the compelling voice behind two highly-regarded podcasts: Burzcast and micON. Here, he navigates the intricate worlds of technology and business, generating thought-provoking discussions and engaging debates that captivate his audience.

As a sought-after consultant and public speaker, Mr. Burz has lent his expertise to clients in countries ranging from Romania and Germany to the United Arab Emirates and the United States, helping them achieve new pinnacles of personal and professional success.

Beyond his role in these varied domains, Mr. Burz also contributes to business intelligence through his Burzcast blog. Here, his articles, op-eds, and analyses merge to create a nexus of refined business insights. This premium content is curated to meet the sophisticated demands of luxury-driven professionals, empowering them to elevate their success to new heights.

Mr. Burz's unparalleled dedication to his craft and authentic passion for technology makes him a standout figure who crafts innovative solutions and shapes the conversations that drive the industry forward.

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