A conducive workspace is enriched by vibrant colors, as exemplified by tech giants like Google. In our digital-centric era, designated times for email and reduced digital interruptions can boost productivity. Additionally, brief outdoor breaks and city vistas offer mental refreshment, combatting office confinement. Adopting these tactics can lead to a more balanced and effective work environment.

I am pleased to present a series of tips (with the hope of regular articles) to enhance work happiness.

Efficiency, creativity, and life balance: contentment is within reach. Discover all the strategies to make your job consistently enjoyable.

Tip #1: Display Vibrant Colors

Steer clear of depressing gray carpets! Choose yellow for focus, green for relaxation, orange to uplift your mood, and red to energize. This is similar to Google's headquarters, where the walls are electric blue, couches are red, and cabinets are multicolored.

Tip #2: Limit Digital Distractions

"Aided by the TweetDeck app, I can manage my tweets in real-time," says a marketing manager of an agri-food company. A leap forward? Not at all! This app, combined with continuous email notifications from Outlook and instant messaging requests, disrupts the workflow. Not to mention text messages causing our smartphones to buzz. Can you withstand such digital pressure? These constant electronic alerts might seem stimulating initially, but they frequently interrupt your tasks.

Certainly, respond to emails, but during specific set times (for instance, in the morning with your steaming coffee or at the end of the day) and without constant disruptions.

Close all auto-refreshing windows like RSS feed readers and social networks. Also, turn off instant messaging apps such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and other live chat applications. Treat your phone similarly. If you need more assistance to handle and filter your messages, utilize voicemail services offered by telecommunication providers. Rest assured; your callers will know when to leave messages.

Tip #3: Make Time to Step Outdoors

A TV campaign suggests that at least 30 minutes of daily movement is essential for our health. This might be accurate! I recommend that during these 30 minutes (at least), you move briskly. It will get your circulation going and make you feel better. Another tip is to descend a stop early from public transport on your way home from work and walk briskly. This way, you can unwind at home if the exercise feels strenuous.

Whenever you step out, find a high vantage point to appreciate the city's panorama. Choose any location (a tower, a friend's 10th-floor apartment, or specific landmarks like Cetățuia in Cluj-Napoca) and gaze. Doing this weekly can be refreshing. If you work in an office, this can alleviate feelings of confinement. From such a height, your problems might seem trivial.

Try combining both activities if it is manageable. You can briskly ascend to a spot to enjoy the city's view, maybe even with a loved one.

I wish you productivity and satisfaction in your endeavors.

Article by Mr. Razvan Burz

(published )

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