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Cloud services are servers hosted in Microsoft's global data centers, readily available with a mere click.

Our journey with native software development for Microsoft Azure began in 2009. Over the years, we've garnered substantial knowledge and expertise in navigating these "clouds".

Main Advantages of Migrating to the Cloud

Select and mix technologies based on your specific requirements. Opt for Linux or Windows or go "serverless." Tailor your experience by adding or removing components as you see fit.

Cloud-bound, with no hidden costs

You're always aware of your expenditure. It's easier to anticipate end-of-life expenses.

Quick to Scale

You can add or subtract resources as necessary through an intuitive control panel or by utilizing the cloud API driven by algorithms.

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Speed Like Never Before

Effortlessly add resources as required and allow the technology to handle the rest. Scale to your desired speed in seconds.

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Safety is Paramount

From its core architecture, the cloud is designed to be secure. It employs the most recent security technologies and standards, so you only need to utilize it.

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Consistently Up-to-date

There's no need for you to maintain the infrastructure. Experts have got that covered. Run your code or application "up in the cloud."

How We Do It

Our Strategy

We are proud to offer a robust and comprehensive cloud migration strategy that leverages our years of experience and industry-leading tools.

Discovery & Planning
  • Comprehensive evaluation
  • Tailored migration plan
  • Operational continuity
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We thoroughly assess your existing applications to understand their compatibility with the cloud and to plan the perfect migration roadmap.

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  • Secure data transfer
  • Minimal/no downtime
  • Industry-leading methodologies
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After planning, we migrate, ensuring your data is transferred securely and effectively, with minimal downtime.

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  • Cloud-native tuning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Continuous improvements
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Once the migration is complete, we optimize your applications for cloud-native operations, maximizing efficiency and performance.

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Our Cloud Native Capabilities

Our cloud-native capabilities are the cornerstone of our cloud migration strategy and are what sets us apart.

Offloading Requests

We use advanced techniques to offload requests, making your applications run faster and smoother, regardless of traffic.

Load Balancing

Our load balancing capabilities ensure that your applications are always available and respond promptly to user requests.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We leverage the power of CDNs to deliver your content quickly and reliably anywhere in the world.

Data Ingestion

We have robust data ingestion processes to efficiently collect, import, process, and store your data in the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Distinguished Pathways to Cloud Migration

Embrace the future of business with Burzcast as we facilitate your elegant transition to the cloud. We offer sophisticated strategies, each honed to perfection, to address your organization's unique challenges on this transformative journey.

Cloud Lift and Shift

Experience an impeccable transition of your applications to the cloud with our Lift and Shift model. We relocate your applications to the cloud with surgical precision, leaving their architecture unchanged. This swift approach is perfect for those seeking a cost-effective initial migration and operational savings: minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

  • Immediate Benefits: Quick and straightforward method of moving existing applications to the cloud.
  • Cost Management: Often a less expensive initial migration approach, providing operational cost savings from utilizing cloud resources.
  • Business Continuity: Minimal disruption to operations due to fewer changes to an existing architecture.

App Modernization for the Cloud

Our App Modernization strategy refines your applications into cloud-native gems. Through the elegant use of microservices, we ensure your applications can flexibly scale to meet demands. This robust architecture reduces the risk of system failures and supports faster, more reliable software releases. Unlock a world of continuous delivery, resilience, and amplified performance.

  • Enhanced Scalability: Applications are designed to be horizontally scalable and can handle increased load by adding more instances.
  • Improved Resilience: Microservices architecture reduces the risk of total system failure.
  • Faster Market Delivery: Enable continuous delivery and integration, leading to faster, more reliable software releases.

Migration to Microsoft 365

Step into an elite collaborative experience with our migration to Microsoft 365. Unleash the power of shared calendars, chat, content co-creation, and group task management for your team. This migration also strengthens your security stance, offering state-of-the-art compliance capabilities. Support your team's productivity from any location with cloud-based tools that genuinely embody the spirit of remote work.

  • Collaboration Boost: Enhances team collaboration with shared calendars, chat, content co-creation, and group task management.
  • Security and Compliance: Offers robust security features and compliance capabilities.
  • Remote Work Enablement: Supports remote work with cloud-based tools accessible from anywhere.


Embrace the high-efficiency symphony of Development and Operations with our DevOps model. Our experts streamline the cooperation between your teams, delivering profound efficiency improvements. Experience the joy of continuous integration and deployment, driving down manual processes and accelerating software release. Regular code testing and deployment ensure the highest quality for your software, setting your business apart.

  • Efficiency Increase: Enhances cooperation between development and operations teams, increasing efficiency.
  • Automation: Facilitates continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD), reducing manual processes and speeding up software release.
  • Better Quality Control: Encourages regular code testing and deployment, leading to high-quality software.