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We are a technology consulting company with over 25 years of experience in software development, web design, and web application development. We have customers in more than 12 countries who appreciate us for the quality services we provide.

We operate as a collective of software architects, designers, and new media content creators. We're changing the world with our software.

We've put software in space, managed production, and ensured you get the products you want on time; we've improved the quality of the water you drink and the food you eat.

We've saved lives and improved the quality of medical staff training.

We keep employees safe and ensure you live in a clean environment.

We help builders and architects develop better buildings and infrastructures for all of us and protect the assets of various companies.

We've helped real estate companies build assets, move faster and understand the market better.

We've provided bespoke software products to over 300 companies like yours, and helped them grow, deliver on time, predict the weather, connect devices, understand behavior, look for patterns, play a little and share the knowledge.

We've met great people and shared their stories, and we're just getting started.

We're helping companies in over a dozen countries with their software needs.

We are , we solve problems, and we set you up for success. We take you to the ninth cloud.

We record podcasts about technology and business

We started with the Burzcast podcast in 2014 and the micON podcast in 2020. Learn more about our podcasts too.


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