The new international website is up and running


Burzcast is proud to announce that the new international website is up and running. It's been quite a time in the making, built from scratch based on our long-lasting in-house developed CMS for the Romanian Burzcast website, now improved with multilingual support. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

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We produce two podcasts: Burzcast and micON. Promote your business or products in our text or video content as well. Slots are limited to one advertiser per week!

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Revolutionizing Industry: How AI is Transforming the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolutionizes how companies operate, allowing them to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. One of the key technologies driving this transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Copywriting Services are Dead. Get Over It!

SEO and SEM, as well as copywriting as we know it, are becoming less effective and are likely to become obsolete shortly.


I am sad and it is a shame to see that, the country that prides itself on being the land of all possibilities and a fair country has come down to this.

A New Chapter for Burzcast

The transition to the new brand is almost done. As we are closing the doors to an old chapter in our business, we are opening them to a new one.

Why You Should Never Start a Podcast

The other day I had an interesting conversation with an old friend who was quite keen to tell me that I'm spending my money and time in the wrong way by doing a weekly podcast.

The New Burzcast Website

We have decided to build this brand in a way in which it can prove beneficial for the whole company.