Technical consultancy

Software Development Consultancy

We can support and consult you or your team in choosing the right approach for each specific project.

  • What technology to use and why
  • Where to host and run your application
  • Optimise your team's workflow

Fine Tuning Your Projects

Have a project or a digital product that won't work as it is supposed to? Let us help!

  • Audit your workflow
  • Consult you on the latest technologies 1
  • Reorganise where appropriate

Private Training & Speaking

Need to train your team something new? Want us to talk at your company?

  • Private, at the client's location, training 2
  • Private or public speaking, via live video or audio streaming
  • Remote or on-site training and workshops 2

1 Contingent on the fact that the technology is related to our expertise.

2 Some limits may apply.

Known and Used Technologies

Since we've started in the tech industry, more than 17 years ago, we have mainly worked, built and supported the following technologies: