Software apps for
iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

We make B2B and B2C applications for mobile devices produced by Apple (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch).

In addition to native or hybrid applications, we make mobile-optimized websites and web applications where you need to leverage the power of the server or the cloud as much as possible. That way, your users will not have to install additional software on each device.

Native Apps

We build native apps on Swift for Apple Operating Systems, such as iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. Should the client requires Objective-C code, then we can provide Objective-C code, but always rather use Swift instead.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps run on the device, but inside a native container by leveraging the device’s browser engine (not the browser) to render the HTML and process the JavaScript locally.

Should your company needs a hybrid app, using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, with a cloud or on-premises back-end, let's talk about it.

Types of Apps

We can build apps varying from enterprise, and dedicated apps to public apps or interactive mobile applications, such as games and e-learning products.

You can outsource the development of your app and have it built and published by our firm. Your choice!