software and services

The cloud means servers hosted in Microsoft or Amazon data centers worldwide, available virtually at the click of a mouse. Fog is software that runs natively on devices connected to the Internet of Things.

We've been developing native software for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services since 2009, and we know a thing or two about these "clouds."

Key Benefits of Moving Into the Cloud

No hidden costs

Always know how much money you have to pay. Have better estimates for the end of the usage period.

Scale faster

Add or remove as many resources as needed from an intuitive control panel or by using the cloud's API, based on algorithms.

Faster than ever

Add as many resources as you need, on the fly and let technology take care of everything else. Go as fast as you like in seconds.

Security by design

The cloud is secure by design. It implements all the latest technologies and security standards, thus you don't need to do anything, just use it.

Always up to date

You don't need to maintain the infrastructure. It is all been taken care of by experts. You just run your code or application "up there, in the cloud".

Mix and match

Combine technologies per your needs. Use Linux, Windows or run "serverless". Use whatever fits your needs, add or remove whatever you want.

Type of Cloud Services

Native applications

The native software we develop can benefit from the full power of the cloud. From the moment of architecture, the web applications we create benefit from the advantages of Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud services.

  • PHP
  • .NET 6+
  • .NET Framework 4.7+
  • Microsoft SQL Server/Azure SQL
  • JavaScript

Cloud services

We serve clients with cloud services from the Microsoft or Amazon portfolio. We apply these services over and above our offering to add value to the products or services we make available to you.

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Amazon Web Services