Internet of Things Software

Nowadays everything is connected, from your refrigerator to your light bulbs to cars, smart meters, industrial robots, and other devices. For the last 11 years, we have been working with world-renowned IoT companies in developing Internet of Things software products tailored to their specific needs.

Every connected device is a potential point of access for malicious actors inside the network. That is why our security team is always studying to address and improve the security of the software products we deliver while providing more transparency to our customers, through constant reports, potential fixes and improvements. Instead of being the last thing thought of, at Burzcast we believe in security by design, right from the first staging of the product's architecture.


Software products

We have built Internet of Things software products that gather and aggregate data from Industrial or Residential connected devices, using C#, Python, or PHP, depending on the operating system running on the device or on the server/router gathering the data.

Web applications

We have built web applications, web APIs and micro-services that aggregate and present the gathered data, control different device setting and allow an operator to manage the connected devices. The web applications can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, thus having virtually unlimited resources to run on.

Grow fast

By harnessing the power of the cloud, your project can scale up or down depending on its needs. When you have connected devices and variable needs, keep your costs as low as possible with Microsoft Azure IoT or Amazon Web Services IoT. Should you need on-premise, we have that covered as well.

We can connect you to Industry X.0!

At Burzcast, we have developed and used the following technologies for data communication between devices or devices with the Network Operation Center, among other microservices and cloud solutions.

  • MQTT
  • WirelessHART
  • ISA100 Wireless