Software Architecture, Development & Outsourcing Services

We love developing software, writing code, and "powering" bits to do whatever that code needs to do. We have been developing software products for over 25 years for various operating systems, such as desktop and mobile operating systems, based on our customers' needs (and sometimes ours).

Software Architecture & Development

Using Agile development methodologies, we architecture and code various software products such as:

Development languages and scripting languages we use

  • C# and Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • Swift/Swift UI
  • SQL databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL, MariaDB, SQLite)

Software Outsourcing Services

During our 18 years in the industry, we have worked with clients from more than a dozen countries, that rely on our expertise to build their users' products. They trust our expertise, trust our culture and ethics, and they were proven that Burzcast can deliver.

Now, in 2023, there are many software products that we have built for our clients, some of them we are sure you are using without even knowing that were outsourced by our team.

Burzcast's software development outsourcing services include:

  • Total privacy, as specified in the Agreement
  • Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • Premium support, via email and client account
  • Preview (staging) servers
  • In-house source control systems, with redundancy
  • Redundant source code back-up
Game Development

At Burzcast, we build video games for personal computers and gaming consoles. We can build or convert video games into iOS, macOS and Windows virtual reality products. Some of the games can also be transformed into virtual reality, interactive 3D worlds.

E-learning Software

Teach and study like is 2023, not 1999! It's time to teach and learn easier, interactively, with e-learning software products Burzcast builds. Each platform / application can scale to accommodate as many e-learners as needed at the same time.

Augmented/Mixed Reality

It's not just Sci-Fi. Work just like in the future. Assist colleagues with engineering tasks, remote, perform operations for doctors world-wide without being on premises, improve lives, see and hear more with the help of augmented/mixed reality. We build software products for such things. The future is now! Where are you?

We integrate various artificial intelligence services into our software products.

We use AI services from Microsoft/OpenAI and Apple to bring even more power to the bespoke software products we develop for you.