Burzcast services

Software production, web applications, websites, apps, consulting, AI, interactive applications, and new media content. These are the B2B services for our customers.


We connect
IoT devices

Internet of Things software

We started 11 years ago to build software for devices connected to the Internet of Things, emphasizing security. Annually we improved our knowledge and client portfolio. Are you going to be our next client?


Software development, architecture and outsourcing

We have been developing software products for over 25 years for various operating systems. Whether it's a software product for macOS, Windows, or complex web applications, we're here to help.

Web Design and
Web Development

We develop bespoke web products ranging from simple websites to complex web applications connected to scalable databases hosted in the cloud. We use, know and create WordPress-based websites, themes, and custom plug-ins for this CMS.


Applications for
iPhones and iPads

We build B2B and B2C applications for Apple mobile devices. We build native apps, developed in Swift, for Apple operating systems such as iOS and iPadOS.

Native apps and
Cloud services

The cloud is managed servers hosted in Microsoft or Amazon data centers worldwide, available virtually at the click of a mouse. We've been developing native software for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services since 2009, and we know something about these "clouds".


Interactive applications
and video games

We develop video games for computers and game consoles. We can create or convert video games into iOS, macOS, and Windows virtual reality products.

Whatever you develop,
we support you

We offer advice every step of the way for the IT services or products you need.

Software and web maintenance

We are dedicated to providing our clients with complete software and web maintenance solutions.

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