Promote your business
in the Burzcast podcast

You can showcase your products or services on the Burzcast podcast, which is over 9 years old and has over 908k listens.

Ads are posted within the audio content, in 3 segments (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) and appear in the show notes, on our website (under the episode introduction, as title and URL), and in the MP3 chapters (as title, short description, and URL).

Types of inserts

Audio ads read by the host

The podcast host features your brand/advertising within the podcast content. This makes the ad much better anchored in the content, basically presenting the product as part of the podcast, all native and fully integrated.

Sponsored segments

You are invited on the podcast for either an entire episode or just a segment. The podcast host will help you present the product in a pleasant and useful way to the listeners, directly integrating with the actual piece of content.

Standard audio ads

Standard ads are the ones you also hear on the radio, where an ad is inserted within the podcast's content. This spot is pre-recorded and is clearly delineated in format and audio production.

Sponsors & partners