Internet of Things

We build software for devices connected to the Internet of Things, emphasizing security.

In today's interconnected era, where everyday objects ranging from refrigerators to light bulbs, automobiles, smart meters, industrial machinery, and more have entered the realm of connectivity, we have been a pioneering force.

Over the past 12 years, we have partnered with globally celebrated IoT companies to architect tailor-made Internet of Things software solutions in response to their unique needs.

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Security issues with IoT connected devices.


Our specialized security team unceasingly focuses on fortifying the safety framework of our software products, adding an extra dimension of transparency for our valued clients. Underpinned by our steadfast belief in 'security by design,' we incorporate formidable security protocols into the very foundation of our product's architecture. Embark on a journey with us through the domain of IoT, where safety and innovation stand as the twin cornerstones of our luxurious offerings.

We've skillfully crafted an array of Internet of Things software solutions, proficiently collecting and consolidating data from Industrial and Residential connected devices. Harnessing the power of languages such as C#, Python, or PHP, we align our sophisticated creations with the specific operating system of your device or the server/router orchestrating the data collection. Venture into the future with us, where data integration and system harmonization coalesce in the form of our luxurious software solutions.

Software Excellence

Our meticulously engineered Internet of Things software solutions are at the heart of our offerings. These collect and amalgamate data from industrial or residential connected devices, leveraging languages like C#, Python, or PHP, tailored to align with the specific operating system of your device or data-collecting server/router.

Digital Applications

We have adeptly architected various web applications, APIs, and micro-services. These aggregate and present collected data, regulate multiple device settings, and empower an operator to oversee the connected devices. Our web applications can be stationed on-premises or in the cloud, granting them virtually boundless operational resources.

Scaling with Elegance

Harness the limitless potential of the cloud with us. Your project can seamlessly scale up or down, mirroring its requirements. With connected devices and fluctuating needs, optimize your costs through the prowess of Microsoft Azure IoT or Amazon Web Services IoT. And, for those who require on-premise solutions, we have that seamlessly covered, too—Immerse in a realm where scalability meets luxury.


Implemented protocols


Widely accepted in industrial scenarios, Modbus has established itself as an open-source protocol. Its ease of implementation, minimal constraints on data formatting, and accessibility both locally and online contribute to its popularity.


The Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol is recognized for its compact data footprint. It operates based on a broker/client subscribe-publish architecture, ensuring efficient data communication.


As an application-level protocol, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) powers distributed, cooperative information systems. Its use extends across various domains, including client-server communication via APIs.