#118: Revolutionizing Water Treatment


In episode 118 of the Burzcast Podcast, host Razvan interviews Yousef Yousef, CEO of LG Sonic, to explore the company's innovative approach to water treatment using ultrasound technology. Please tune in to discover the benefits of their eco-friendly solutions, the LiceSonic project, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Invitați: Yousef Yousef
  • Publicat: 24.03.2023
  • Durata: 20 min 14 sec
  • Episodul: 118

Revolutionizing Water Treatment

Water treatment is essential to maintaining a healthy environment, and LG Sonic has become a pioneer in this field. In episode 118 of the Burzcast Podcast, host Razvan sits down with Yousef Yousef, the CEO of LG Sonic, to discuss the company's innovative approach to water treatment and the journey that led them to their current success.

Yousef shares how LG Sonic began, initially as LG Sound, focusing on providing a better solution for water treatment through ultrasound technology. He and his business partners, Lisa and Rick, worked tirelessly to develop and refine the technology, eventually transforming the company into LG Sonic.

During the podcast, Yousef discusses the LiceSonic project, which started in 2017 in collaboration with the governments of Norway and Romania. This project aimed to develop an innovative and environmentally friendly method to control sea lice in open finfish production. The technology has been widely adopted, with many Norwegian salmon in hypermarkets potentially treated with LG Sonic technologies.

Yousef explains why companies should stop using chemicals for water treatment and switch to ultrasound technology. Even in small quantities, chemicals can lead to slow toxicity buildup, harming aquatic ecosystems. Ultrasound, conversely, is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option that effectively treats water without the adverse side effects of chemicals.

Yousef also talks about the buoys and monitoring stations deployed by LG Sonic to measure various water parameters. Thanks to a winch system, these stations have been enhanced to measure water quality multiple times per hour and at much deeper levels. Local authorities, private companies, and individuals can benefit from these stations to make informed decisions regarding water treatment.

When asked about the differences between LG Sonic and other companies offering ultrasonic water treatment solutions, Yousef highlights the company's dedication to innovation, research, and development. Their custom-developed ultrasound technology and monitoring systems ensure effective water treatment with minimal environmental impact.

Yousef shares valuable tips for starting entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals, staying persistent, and continuously adapting to new challenges.

To learn more about LG Sonic and its innovative water treatment solutions, visit their website or contact them directly. Yousef is always eager to share his insights and knowledge about the industry and the company's cutting-edge technology.


Te învățăm

  • LG Sonic's ultrasound technology as an eco-friendly alternative to chemical water treatment.
  • The inception and transformation of LG Sound into LG Sonic,and the partnership between Yousef, Lisa, and Rick.
  • The LiceSonic project collaboration with Norway and Romaniafor sea lice control in salmon farming.
  • The deployment and benefits of LG Sonic's monitoring buoys forwater quality measurement.
  • The advantages of LG Sonic's technology over competitors inthe ultrasound water treatment market.
  • Challenges faced by LG Sonic during its early days andYousef's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • How to learn more about LG Sonic's products and services, andways to contact the company.