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Burzcast's portfolio is a digital gallery reflecting the vast array of digital products, programs, and mobile applications crafted by our adept developers.

Our distinguished portfolio illustrates a broad spectrum of digital products, programs, and mobile applications, each meticulously crafted by our proficient developers.

From complimentary offerings to premium applications, our portfolio is a testament to our multifaceted proficiency and commitment to quality. Each of our products is uniquely tailored to cater to the specific needs of our clientele, offering flawless functionality and exemplary user experiences.

With an extensive pedigree in software development and an unquenchable thirst for technology, our team is prepared to surmount any challenge. You can anticipate an ever-growing suite of offerings gracing this page soon.

Burzcast Advanced Timer

Advanced Timer

Advanced Timer is an exclusive, complimentary Windows® automation instrument crafted by Burzcast. This powerful tool enables users to automate tasks within the operating system effortlessly. From triggering actions and launching applications to surveilling folders, it deftly manages these operations at a precise date and time or after a specific delay. Luxury and efficiency effortlessly merge in this advanced solution for task automation.


Burzcast CMS Core

Experience the unparalleled speed, customization, and performance for your digital content with Burzcast CMS Core, a comprehensive Content Management System that allows you to effortlessly manage articles, pages, and audio and video podcasts to elevate your digital presence to new heights.

Burzcast My Shop Core

My Shop Core

Burzcast My Shop Core is the driving force behind your online store's ascent to new heights. Our dedication to offering bespoke solutions, paired with our integration of sophisticated technologies, positions us as the premier choice for enterprises searching for a dependable, scalable, and richly-featured e-commerce platform. This comprehensive, tailor-made, cloud-native solution is crafted to revolutionize how you conduct your online business.