Software architecture, development and outsourcing

We have been developing software products for over 26 years for various operating systems.

Software architecture and development

Harnessing the power of Agile development methodologies, we craft various software products with unrivaled precision and sophistication. Our offering transcends the realm of the ordinary, diving deep into the extraordinary. Explore our expansive portfolio of software solutions, each meticulously architected and coded to reflect the epitome of digital excellence.



Custom Software

Custom Windows & macOS Software

Throughout our prestigious 26-year journey in the industry, we have fostered robust alliances with clients spanning over a dozen countries, entrusting their user product development to our expert guidance. Our reputation for reliability, underpinned by our steadfast ethos and work culture, has continually affirmed Burzcast as a brand synonymous with delivery and excellence.

In the current year of 2024, our portfolio boasts an impressive array of software products we have meticulously crafted for our esteemed clients. Likely, you are already benefitting from our innovations. Unbeknownst to you, they have been masterfully outsourced by our team. Embrace the luxury of premier software outsourcing services with Burzcast, and let us guide you on your path to digital excellence.

Our superior software development outsourcing services encompass the following:

  • The promise of absolute privacy, as explicitly outlined in our Agreement.
  • The application of streamlined Scrum/Agile development methodologies.
  • Access to premium support, facilitated via email and dedicated client accounts.
  • The provision of preview (staging) servers for real-time project updates.
  • Utilization of our secure in-house source control systems, fortified with redundancy mechanisms powered by the Microsoft cloud.
  • The assurance of redundant source code backup for enhanced data security.

Custom iOS & iPadOS Apps

Hybrid Apps: Our hybrid applications are designed to operate seamlessly on your device within a native container, leveraging the device's browser engine to render HTML and process JavaScript locally.

Should your enterprise envision a hybrid app powered by HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, with a back-end residing in the cloud or on-premises, we invite you to engage in a discussion that could catalyze your digital transformation.

Native Apps: For the enthusiasts of Apple's Operating Systems - iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS, we craft native applications using the elegant Swift language. While we can certainly cater to requirements for Objective-C code, our preference leans towards Swift, considering its myriad advantages.

Application Categories : We have honed our skills to construct a vast array of applications. Whether your needs revolve around enterprise applications, specialized apps, public applications, or even interactive mobile applications such as engaging games or e-learning products, we've got you covered.

Consider outsourcing the development of your application to us, where it will be meticulously built and launched by our team of experts. The choice of experiencing the epitome of app development excellence lies with you!

Internet of Things Software

We build software for devices connected to the Internet of Things, emphasizing security.

Over the past 12 years, we have partnered with globally celebrated IoT companies to architect tailor-made Internet of Things software solutions in response to their unique needs.

Software Excellence

Our meticulously engineered Internet of Things software solutions are at the heart of our offerings. These collect and amalgamate data from industrial or residential connected devices, leveraging languages like C#, Python, or PHP, tailored to align with the specific operating system of your device or data-collecting server/router.

Digital Applications

We have adeptly architected various web applications, APIs, and micro-services. These aggregate and present collected data, regulate multiple device settings, and empower an operator to oversee the connected devices. Our web applications can be stationed on-premises or in the cloud, granting them virtually boundless operational resources.

Scaling with Elegance

Harness the limitless potential of the cloud with us. Your project can seamlessly scale up or down, mirroring its requirements. With connected devices and fluctuating needs, optimize your costs through the prowess of Microsoft Azure IoT or Amazon Web Services IoT. And, for those who require on-premise solutions, we have that seamlessly covered, too—Immerse in a realm where scalability meets luxury.


IoT Protocols


Embark on an extraordinary journey with us!

Seize the moment to forge an elite partnership with us, as together we navigating the frontier of your company's digital evolution.