Burzcast CMS Core

Burzcast CMS Core is a premium, customizable, and performance-oriented alternative to WordPress. It caters to businesses seeking a sophisticated, scalable, and secure online presence.

Burzcast CMS Core is designed for those who demand more from their content management system. Whether you're running a small business or a large enterprise, this CMS offers unparalleled speed, customization, and performance. It is built on a robust technology stack that ensures your digital content is delivered efficiently and securely.


  • Advanced performance
  • Comprehensive content management
  • SEO & standards compliance
  • Scalable & cloud-native
  • Customization & integration
  • Secure
  • Cost-effective


  • .NET Core 8 with SQL Azure
  • Only €3,99990/year (plus VAT where applicable)
  • Custom development for core product
  • Support & maintenance