Content Management System

Burzcast CMS Core

Experience unparalleled speed, customization, and performance for your digital content

Burzcast CMS Core stands out as a premium, customizable, and performance-oriented alternative to WordPress, catering to businesses that require a sophisticated, scalable, and secure online presence.

Features & Functionalities

Robust Technology Stack

It comes in two versions: built on a LAMP stack with PHP, MariaDB, and optimized for speed and efficiency. Also experience the power of a cloud-native setup with the .NET Core 8 version.

Advanced Performance

Leverage a custom router and cron task for disk caching, ensuring lightning-fast content delivery and performance.

Comprehensive Content Management

Effortlessly manage articles, pages, and both audio & video podcasts. Seamless integration with platforms like Spotify for Podcasters, YouTube, and Vimeo.

SEO and Standards Compliance

Fully compliant with new standards including JSON-LD schemas. Automatic generation of XML sitemaps and RSS feeds for enhanced SEO.

Scalable and Cloud-Native

Host files on leading CDNs like Azure, Amazon S3, or CloudFlare R2. Enjoy the flexibility of a database-free, cloud-native environment with the .NET Core 8 version.

Customization and Integration

Tailor-made to fit your unique requirements. Supports redirects, paywalls, and offers extensive customization options.


Elevate your digital presence to new heights!

Get the Core version at €3,99990/year1). A premium solution for discerning businesses seeking unparalleled performance and customization.

Burzcast CMS Core vs. WordPress


Burzcast CMS Core offers deep customization tailored to specific business needs, unlike WordPress, which relies more on pre-built themes and plugins.


Burzcast CMS Core is built for high performance with features like custom routing and disk caching. WordPress can struggle under heavy load without significant optimization.

SEO and Compliance

With automatic XML sitemap generation and JSON-LD schemas, Burzcast CMS Core is more readily equipped for modern SEO practices compared to WordPress.


The cloud-native approach of Burzcast CMS Core, especially in its .NET Core 8 version, allows for greater scalability than WordPress, which can require complex hosting solutions for large-scale operations.


Custom CMSs like Burzcast CMS Core often face fewer security threats than WordPress, which, due to its popularity, is a frequent target for attacks. Burzcast CMS Core is also liter and elegant.


While WordPress is initially more cost-effective, Burzcast CMS Core provides more value in the long term with its advanced features and reduced need for additional plugins and optimizations.

Support and Maintenance

Burzcast CMS Core offers dedicated support and maintenance, ensuring a more personalized service compared to WordPress's community-based support.