Burzcast My Shop Core

Burzcast My Shop Core is a comprehensive, customizable, and cloud-native e-commerce platform designed to transform your online business. Leveraging the robust .NET Core 8 framework built on the MVC pattern, our platform offers unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

At Burzcast, we understand the dynamic needs of modern e-commerce. That's why we've developed Burzcast My Shop Core – an e-commerce platform that empowers your online shop with cutting-edge technology. Our solution is tailored to meet the demands of businesses seeking a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich platform to drive their digital storefronts.


  • Customization at its core
  • Advanced integrations
  • Search engine & user experience optimized
  • Scalable & cloud-native
  • Responsive & fast
  • Secure & scalable


  • .NET Core 8 with SQL Azure
  • Only €6,99990/year (plus VAT where applicable)
  • Custom development for core product
  • Support & maintenance